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Admix Grooving is Mixed, Produced and Presented by Barry Burns

Barry BurnsMy personal involvement and passion with music started many years ago when I was in my teens and progressed in becoming a DJ, well known in the North West, providing and playing music in nightclubs in a variety of venues around the country, leading later to more private functions, audio production and a growing sector of community radio bringing various genres of music from around the globe and presenting a music programme called ‘Admix Grooving’.

‘Admix Grooving’ has evolved from mixtures and textures of musical movements.

Adding, Mixing and “Switching” between various styles and influences, paying respect to the diverse culture it comes from.

I am passionate about a broad spectrum of music genres, that I share openly with others, created from the lives of artists who dedicate their time and energy to produce cutting-edge grooves for a conscious and openminded generation.